A collection of some resources that I’ve built or acquired over the years of teaching, shared to give a home to some of these things while I can use them!

Professional Presentations & Speaker Events:

Running a Department – Admin & Documents

Some useful documents in support of different aspects of running a Department.

Supporting Geography & Applying to University

Some resources to help with those preparing Geography candidates, or helping Geographers apply to university:

Cambridge International A Level (9696) Resources

These are primarily focused on Physical Geography, which is what I taught most of.

Unit 1 Resources: I tended to teach Unit 1.1 and Unit 1.2 together – I think it’s helpful to have access to the How Earth Made Us/Power of Planet DVDs to support the first part of that course!

Paper 1, Unit 2: Atmosphere & Weather: I loved teaching this module, but I accept it’s tough. I strongly recommend getting confident on live data resources (e.g. Earth.NullSchool.Net) to maximise the outcomes of lessons and teaching on this theoretically-intensive unit!

I think it’s really worth reading the latest IPCC documents – the Summary for Policymakers is very readable and good for enrichment of A Level students and the working group documents and materials are all superb to download & incorporate in to teaching. The work here is from the 5th AR, not the latest!

Paper 1, Unit 3: Rocks & Weathering: there’s a short textbook called “Foundations of Engineering Geology” by Waltham that I think is an excellent accompaniment to this bit of the course. I’ve used a bunch of page resources for reading/back up materials for students. If you can get hold of it, I’d recommend – I think I have a PDF also, so I think it’s “out there”.

Paper 3, Unit 9: Hazardous Environment. The first part of this links back to the Unit 3 revision of tectonic theory and mass movement theory. I did not teach Unit 9.4 separately, incorporating case studies in to the relevant sections of each topic theme.

Paper 3, Unit 10: Hot Arid & Semi Arid Environments. I taught this with the approximate layout of the specification. Unit 10.4 was taught with multiple different discussions of case studies, so there isn’t a 10.4 slide deck.

Pearson (Edexcel) International GCSE 9-1 Specification

Various resources from teaching of the Edexcel IGCSE. I was part way through converting towards booklet format working when I left teaching, so some parts are bookletted like my A Level resources, while others are… not.

General Resources (KS3, wider implications)

I’ll add some of these as, and when, I get the chance to have a go through. Any requests, do let me know?

Fieldwork: some documents and supporting ideas here:

Taster Lesson on Climate Change: the slide deck covers the generic instructions. You can play this with role specific discussions (pretend it’s good-COP, bad-COP), or as a wider class discussion. I tended to print the solutions cards at A4, and then the role cards in a different coloured paper, just to keep track.

Introduction to Development/Top Trumps set: the intent here is to understand the massive range of pathways that countries can have gone through in order to “develop” and to generate a very pluralist understanding of what happens where, and why. The idea is to get students thinking about different aspects (e.g. whether a country has particular location advantages, has population resources) etc. without naming places – and then transfer that to understanding named experiences!