For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been involved in, and enthralled by the study of our planet. As a teacher, Head of Geography, and coach, I’ve been helping students and teachers to tell the story of the world around them for over a decade now.

Welcome to the home page for my thoughts, and ideas on teaching, learning and curriculum in Geography and beyond. I’m really excited to be part of the conversations – so please get in touch!

Here are my latest ideas – love to hear your thoughts!

A Busy Teacher’s Guide to the IPCC AR6 Release

In between other headlines this week, you may have seen that the IPCC has published their Sixth Assessment Report. While the headlines have rapidly faded in to other news, and even the publication of other reports, it’s a critical piece of work that points the direction of global agreements and international bodies in the next…

Simulated Climate Solutions: Using the EN-ROADS Simulator in Lessons

Introduction: The teaching of climate education has undergone a change in recent years. We’ve seen a broad move away from the simplistic ‘for and against’ debates at global scale which characterized early discussions, and even some exam specifications and online resources. From the early stages of improving our understanding of the science and issues (Knight…

Becoming a Geographer: Appleyard’s Model applied to Geography?

One of the real joys of the work that I now do is exploring different pedagogies from disciplines that I’ve never encountered before. Here, I’d like to talk about something that I’ve seen in English pedagogy, and consider if – and how – we might want to conceptualise something similar for Geography. Appleyard (1990) Theory…