Routes in Geography at University – a call for help!

At the moment, there is not a single point of reference for students considering a Geography (or related) course.

There are plenty of excellent separate components of advice – whether that’s about the nature of the course, or how to write a personal statement – but I think it would be great to have a single, community-written, reference point that provides all students with access to high quality advice and thinking from those who know!

Working with the fabulous @routesjournal, we’re hoping to create a library of ideas. This should reflect great advice from people who give it (e.g. tutors, academics, UCAS specialist teachers), but also the lived experience and personal advice of students.

We want to talk about:

  • What’s on offer, and what you might want to consider – all of the related degrees and fields you could join from Geography
  • How you go about making choices – what you could look at, how to make the most of Open Days (and virtual ones!) and how you narrow it down
  • How you write a great personal statement for Geography, and get in to the community & academic world
  • How you prepare for any interviews, assessments or components of that application.

Routes is, I believe, uniquely positioned to bridge that community – but I’m hoping to get inspiration and advice from everyone – particularly any former students of mine who happen to be still connected with me.

If you think you can help, I’d love to hear from you – contact me via Twitter (@DoctorPreece), and I’ll be hugely grateful for anything you can share.


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